Shark Diving with Mr Hobbs on You Tube

Diving and Coffee are my Passion, from the Bahamas, Florida,Egypt,Costa Rica, Maldive’s Mexico,Oman,UAE. Coco Islsnds,Fuvalmulah Island,Malta,Canary Islands,Greek Islands from Liveaboards to Shore Diving Expedition’s.

Currently I am Gathering enough Video Footage for a Documentary focusing on the thrill’s and excitement of getting in the water with these pelagic species.

From Huge Tiger Sharks from Fuvalmulah Island,to Bull & Lemon Shark’s off Florida,to Passive Whale Sharks in the Maldives,To Schools of Hammerhead Sharks of the Coco Islands.Have a Look at some of my Videos on You Tube, all original,using Go Pro and Selected Equipment.

With this Said ,I am looking for Production Partners to turn all of this into a Fun and Adventurious Documentary with Editing all the Footage I have and to tell my story ,So a good Narrator,Some Music.and a Script to ho with my Video Footage,with my Dive Log Notes to back it up with Dates.Factual Info,Depths and Locations.

Its Exciting and a great opportunity for Someone in the Tv Production to get involved at an early stage.

In August 2022, I will have a High Profile Great White Shark Expedition,so ill be hoping to get some breath taking video footage up close,using cages and a Specially customised Diving Yacht.

My Time is Busy, with running my Mr Hobbs Coffee Business, but to see my Dream of Sharing my Shark & Marine Diving with you in a Documentary would be amazing.

200 Hours of Video Footage ready to use, and more to come, 20 Species of Sharks on Camera, Thousands of Reef Marine Life.

Lets Start with a Mr Hobbs Coffee and make it happen, Real Life Stories,with Danger and Adventure ready to be Told.

David Hobbs / Copyright