Expedition Diving by David Hobbs in 2023 in the Rea Sea,Egypt, Bahamas,Mexico.

Diving in some of the World’s best Shark Locations were you see the difference of protected Marine Parks and Unprotected ,Sadly see the Damage Done by Commercial Fishing, Sport Fishing ,Spear Fishing and Habitat Destruction by a Human population that’s growing by an estimated 170 million a year.

This is why we, must make a stand and support a 30% Total Fishing Ban in our Sea /Oceans ,this will help Fish Stocks recover.

Fishing is the Life Blood of many Families around the World , but its no good if not managed and allowed to reproduce as seen all over the world by Communities .

I will share some of my many images from my Diving around the world , with lot’s of Video’s on YouTube. So you can appreciate the Beauty of the Deep Blue.